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Luc Montminy

Luc Montminy brings over a decade of government affairs experience to the Commonwealth Consulting Team. His work in Pennsylvania spans multiple sectors and organizational types and has resulted in millions of dollars secured for clients’ programmatic and capital needs. Luc specializes in work with start-up technology firms with defense applications and has applied this knowledge to leverage the needs of non-profits for receiving discretionary funding. Luc’s policy expertise includes international trade, federal appropriations, federal health care policy, and federal and state subsidy programs.

Before his six years of consulting work in Pennsylvania, Luc worked as Operations Director for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. In this role, Luc oversaw a multimillion-dollar budget, the policy advisory committee, communications training for candidates, and campaign training for campaign managers from 107 electoral districts. Before joining Party Headquarters, Luc served as the Executive Assistant to the Leader of the Ontario PC Party. Luc has a Master's Degree from Western University.

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